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                                                What Would They See?

Daniel 6:10


Daniel had enemies. He made people mad without even trying. Of course, his enemies were bad guys to start with. They were mad because King Darius like Daniel more than he liked them. They devised an evil plan to get rid of Daniel. How did they know what to plan? It was simple. They watched Danie’s habits. They knew that Daniel had a habit of praying three times a day.
Boys and girls, if someone watched your habits, what would they see? What kinds of things do you do over and over again? A habit is something you do so much that you do not even think about it. It is automatic. You don’t have to decide to do it, you just do it. Your parents tell you to do things over and over, like “Brush your teeth,” because they want it to become habit. God tells us over and over in His Word to pray. God wants that to become a habit in your life.


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