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                                             Jesus' Birthday

Read Matthew 1:20-23

     Hooray! It is Christmas day! It is kind of weird though. We celebrate Jesus' birthday by
giving everyone else presents! What if that happened on your birthday? You get another year
older and everyone else gets presents! What a bummer! You know, there is nothing wrong with
getting and giving presents, but it is very easy to get off track about it. If we give everyone else
presents but when we forget about Jesus that is wrong. I think it would be good to remember, especially
today, that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Aren't you glad He came! What if He had
not come? Then you and I would be separated from God for all eternity! Why don't you take some
time, right now, to tell the Lord how glad you are that He was born for you! Then give Him a present.
Give Him your heart! Give Him your life. It is the least you could give for what God has given you.


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