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  1.                                                   Others First

    Read Luke 6:31

    Recess is so much fun! You get to play games and run around and don't even have to
    think about school work for fifteen or twenty minutes! But you still need to think while you're
    having fun.
         Be courteous to others by choosing team mates who aren't as good at the game as you
    are. Someday they might become your favorite partner just because you gave them a chance
    to get better.
         All that hard playing makes everyone thirsty and when the bell rings you race to the water
    fountain. It's easy to push and shove to get ahead of others. It's just as easy to let others go
         When you are courteous you show respect to others. You also obey God. Romans 12:10b
    says, 'in honor preferring one another.' When you are courteous to others, more people will
    be courteous to you!


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