The FCC will open small windows to file for new applications from time to time, usually for Low Power FM (LPFM) stations.  These type stations are small in power, but are designed to cover an entire community.  We regularly check the FCC website to see if there are any upcoming windows of opportunity.   

Another option is to purchase an existing AM or FM station or lease time on one.  The FCC posts lists of stations that are off the air.  They call them silent stations.  Please click the following links to see if there are any in your area:  Silent AM List , Silent FM List. If you find one on the list, we will be glad to help you with the contact information so you can get in touch with the owners. If there are no stations in your area, we can give you the name and phone number of a radio broker. A radio broker sells stations on commission, however, there is no charge to ask if there is anything available near you. 

If you have a station and wish to use FBN programming, please call Pastor Eborn or Michael Ebron, the general manager at FBN headquarters for more information. If you have a Construction Permit or have acquired a station that needs work before going on the air, and you want to carry FBN programming, please contact missionary David Robinson. Pastor Eborn must give final approval before we begin the work.


We operate on a love offering basis, however, many times there are expenses incurred that would also need to be covered. We ask that new affiliate churches take us on as missionaries to help us with our monthly living expenses.


FM Frequency Studies - A search of the FM channels to determine if there is something available in your area.

Locate Tower Site Coordinates - Verify the latitude and longitude of the location of a proposed tower site.

File FCC FM Applications - Construction Permits, license applications and any amendments or changes to permits to licenses.

Consulting Engineer - Assist in the decision making process of prospective or current radio station owners.

Contact Companies for Equipment - Many times better prices are available due to prolonged work  in this field.

Build Radio Station Studios - Can advise in selection of equipment and install/wire entire studio and build towers.

Provide Technical Support - Available for work I have done for you.

Appraisals - give estimate of worth for stations that are for sale if you are seeking to buy one.


Legal Aspects of Broadcasting - A prepared document with helps on maintaining your station's legal paperwork including the Public Inspection File.

Filing FCC Paperwork - Can assist or advise on filing Ownership Reports, Renewal Applications and other regularly required paperwork for the FCC.

Broadcasting Helps - Familiarity with the use of Simian automation and Cool Edit/Adobe Audition.


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