Kids Devotion

Growing in Christ

Read II Peter 3:18

What happens if you plant a tomato seed in some nice soil, put it in the sun, and water it? That's right! It will grow! Did you know that God commands Christians to grow, too? In order to do this, we must have some good habits. Stop and think what some of these good habits might be. There are many ways, but perhaps you said that we can grow by going to church, by paying attention in Sunday School, or by reading the Bible. These are all great and important things to do! What if I planted a tomato and then totally forgot about it? I never watered it, I didn't put a stake in it, and I let weeds grow all around it. Would I have a healthy tomato plant? No! Your Christian life is the same way. I'm so glad if you have asked Jesus to save you from your sins! But that's not the end. Now you get to grow!

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